Carving from Stone: The Sculpture of Brooks Barrow

The first Goodwyn Gallery exhibition of the 2019-20 academic year, Carving from Stone: The Sculpture of Brooks Barrow, is open from August 26 through October 11, 2019 and features the work of guest artist Brooks Barrow. There will be a public reception on September 26th, 5:00-6:00 pm. All are welcome.


A native of Alabama, sculptor Brooks Barrow (b. 1971) takes inspiration from the natural landscape for his unique sculptural work. His pieces are carved from Alabama marble – the whitest in the world – quarried in Sylacauga, and Basalt – the blackest stone on earth – from Central India. Starting with large blocks, Barrow manipulates the materials, using wedges, saws, grinders, hand tools, and water for polishing, in order to create texture and draw forms from the stone.


Oscillating between smooth, organic, natural contours and rough marks and hard edges, Barrow’s sculptures reference both deep geological time: the pressure and erosion that shapes the material over eons, and the modern processes of extraction and handling that the stone undergoes at the quarry and in the artist’s studio. Among other things, his works visually evoke ancient Stele, standing stones, totemic pillars, and towering modern architecture.

As Barrow explains in his artist statement: “My current work takes inspiration from markers in both the physical and social landscape. I am interested in plats of survey, survey markers, civic monuments, and the tensions created as they seek to define and delineate the natural landscape. Through my sculpture, I reinterpret these objects through subtle and enigmatic lines, forms and textures in natural stone.”

Barrow has won awards of distinction at the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival and  Magic City Art Connection and was a featured artist at the 2014 American Craft Council Show. His works are in the collection of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing  in Montgomery, AL (a gift from the City of Montgomery), Calvin Klein Home Collection, and the General Electric and Google headquarters, among others. Please visit Barrow’s website, to learn more about his work:

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