Spring Senior Show: Ron Blaesing

The Fine Arts Department is pleased to present “Is it in my head?,” a thesis exhibition by graduating sculpture major Ron Blaesing. “Is it in my head?” is on view April 30 through May 4th, 2019 in Goodwyn Gallery.


As Ron explains in his artist statement, “the central focus has been on the construction of heads and faces to represent figures whose minds have run away from themselves. They are meant to evoke a mind experiencing a subconscious metamorphosis, whether due to a deteriorating mental state, delusions of grandeur, a seemingly never-ending dream state, or the influence of mind-altering substances.”

Ron’s multimedia sculptures were inspired by the literary works and images of William S. Burroughs (1914-1997). However, “they then began to morph into something out of one of his novels – Naked Lunch (1959) or The Soft Machine (1961) – changing, evolving, replicating, and transitioning in a somewhat manic state and in a variety of materials, so that none were ever a full version of their initial incarnation. Although Burroughs’s works were the inspirational catalyst, the ideas of other noted writers and artists – such as Carl Jung, Miguel Cervantes, Frank Zappa, and even Tom Waits – contributed to the evolution of each piece. Finally, some of the visual inspiration was drawn from Terry Gilliam’s storyboard illustrations for film projects.”

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