Winter Senior Show: Jessica Roy

The Fine Arts Department is pleased to present the first of three senior exhibitions in the Winter of 2018. Jessica Roy’s thesis show is on view from November 9 through November 16th, 2018 in Goodwyn Gallery.


Jessica’s ceramic works, which focus on the teapot, are whimsical and diverse in their representation of what we might think of as a traditional form. Her techniques in construction range from wheel thrown and coil built to slab built and pinch pots. Each of the works represented challenge notions of “the teapot,” expanding this vernacular type to include the familiar and the more unusual.

Why the teapot? As Jessica explains in her artist statement: “Although most of the teapots are in fact functional, I am not bound by traditional notions of a teapot.  I never know exactly what I am going to make at the start of my process except that it will become a teapot in the end. I especially love making unusual and quirky shapes and designs that challenge the traditional forms of a teapot. I seek to transform a utilitarian object—a vessel for brewing and pouring tea—into a fun and expressive object.”

While she goes on to explain the histories of tea and their social rituals – epitomized by the Japanese Way of Tea or British High Tea – Jessica explains that her “love of tea could, I suppose, be understood as ritual, but my teapots are not made to ritualize the process of preparing and drinking tea. I craft pots that speak to the joy, warmth, and comfort that drinking tea brings to my life.”  We invite you to visit the exhibition and then enjoy a cup of tea in Taylor Center!


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