Capturing the Mystical: Marc Chagall, Art, Love, and Salvation

The Fine Arts Department is pleased to present “Capturing the Mystical: Marc Chagall, Art, Love, and Salvation,” curated by AUM graduating senior and Art History major Elise Sottile. The exhibition is on view from April 12 through April 23 in Goodwyn Gallery. Drawn from the Fine Arts Department collection, “Capturing the Mystical” explores the work of Marc Chagall and places them into conversation with other artists – Max Hunziker, Chaim Gross, and Joseph Margulies – interested in religious (in the Judea-Christian tradition) or spiritual expression.

As Sottile explains in the exhibition text, the Russian-French artist Marc Chagall (1887-1985) was inspired by Hasidism, an Orthodox movement of Judaism meaning “mystical union.” A key component of Hasidism is the relationship between the divine and the manifestation of God in the physical world. His subjects represent both the terrestrial and celestial realms, exploring emotional intimacy, love, and the soul. His artworks combine cubist and surrealist styles and use unusual line work and bright colors. For Chagall, art could transform an idea, challenge a perspective, or change perceived truths, while devotional and platonic love were represented as a cosmic component to the individual experience.


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