Spring senior show: Cason McDermott & Amy LaPointe

The Fine Arts Department is pleased to present a joint exhibition of the work of 2018 graduating AUM students Cason McDermott and Amy LaPointe. The exhibition will be on view in Goodwyn Gallery through Wednesday, April 11th and features artwork by both students executed in various media.


Graphic Design major Amy LaPointe describes what brought her to art in her artist statement, writing: ” … the culmination of anything is the highest or climactic point of that something, especially as attained after a long time. That is what I am presenting to you here … As you can see, I absolutely thrived in the fine arts classes. Storm at Sunset … is actually a representation of tumultuous emotions, a blend of bright joyful feelings and painful memories. Binding Bands has several layers as well. The bands are an Asante symbol know as “Ese Ne Tekrema,” literally meaning ‘the teeth and the tongue,’ and they represent how friends can create conflict but still work together in harmony. The gemstones are the birth stones of some of my closest friends, and the colors within the bands represent the emotions that I associate with those friends, both positive and negative.”

Visual Arts major Cason McDermott likewise outlines her journey through art, explaining how: ” … art gave me vitality and each piece has hints of that within it. Art has a power to restore a person and give them the power to create something out of nothing. That’s what my art is all about. It’s about the process of restoration. It’s about bringing something dead back to life and to full vitality. It’s about finally finding your home after being lost for so long. These pieces reflect that restoration in my life. These pieces for me are how I turned a suicide note into a paper airplane.”

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