Making their Own Way: Women Artists

From March 2 through April 30, 2018, the Fine Arts Department, in cooperation with  the Office of Student Affairs – Diversity & Inclusion, presents Making their Own Way: Women Artists in The Global Education Center, Taylor 219-220.


Left to right: Doris Emrick Lee (1905-1983), The Dove; Norma Gloria Morgan (b. 1928), Moor Lodge; Myrna Baez (b. 1931), Casa del Anabel; Ruth Cyril (1920-1985), Moonlit Pond.

For centuries, women were excluded from public life, professions, and institutions. They faced difficulties entering the arts as well. Historically, a reliance on drawing from the nude human body in art school prevented women from attaining proper training. However, as social and cultural boundaries expanded across the twentieth century, women gained (and demanded) greater freedoms. In spite of their efforts, the contemporary art world remains a male dominated sphere, something women artists practicing today and activist groups like the “Guerrilla Girls” aim to redress.


Left to right: Lila Copeland (b. 1912), Andrea Drawing; Clare Romano (1922-2017), Caracalla II.

The eight works on view, drawn from the Fine Arts Department collection, reveal the variety of styles and subjects women artists address. The exhibit asks you to consider: How can you be an ally in the fight for equal rights and gender equality – not just in the arts, but in all aspects of your daily life?


Left to right: Käthe Kollwitz, Woman with Bowed Head; Käthe Kollwitz, Praying Girl.


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