Winter senior show: Kayla Lee

In Winter 2017, the Department of Fine Arts hosts three graduating senior exhibitions. The first exhibition, “Space & Spirit” is up through Friday, November 17th and features the work of Photography major Kayla Lee.


Inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s discussion of “Space Consciousness” in The Power of Now, Lee’s immersive exhibition focuses on the intersections between the physical and spiritual dimensions of form often made evident when one observes the night sky. As Lee explains in her artist’s statement: “We look at the starts and fail to recognize or acknowledge the infinite depth and magnitude of the space, which is far greater and more awe inspiring than the finite forms within it.”


Lee invites visitors to “enter this environment so you may discover your own inner space in this vast universe.” The exhibition includes photographic works in the first half of the gallery and a light and sound installation in the back of the space. Due to the dark lighting in the gallery, the Department of Fine Arts asks visitors to exercise additional caution when navigating the space.


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