Outdoor sculpture exhibit: Caroline Booth

Caroline Booth has installed 4ever Together, a sculptural grouping of four abstract figures, on the Auburn University at Montgomery campus in front of the Administration Building and Library Tower. Booth, a winter graduating senior and fine arts major, made the cement sculptures in Professor Sue Jensen’s summer 2017 sculpture course. Drawing from a wide-range of source materials, the modernist sculptures – which appear different as one walks around them – evoke both the abstract formalism of Brancusi and the energy and movement of Bernini. They will be on view until December 15th, 2017.


As Caroline explains: “4ever Together is about a family with an inseparable bond and is inspired by Caroline’s family: her mom, dad, and sister. These four pieces are organic and geometric shapes placed together to create one grouping. The ‘mother’ is made up of more organic and circular shapes. The ‘father’ is composed of more geometric and triangular shapes. The two smaller pieces that are next to them are their two daughters, who are a blend of geometric and organic shapes.”


Artist Statement

My artwork is about process: the process of taking an idea from drawing to final sculpture or painting, of purchasing rigid materials and manipulating them into curving forms, and of imagining an idea and creating an actual object. I created these pieces using recycled foam to form the shapes and combined them with wood glue and screws. The main medium I used was concrete/cement. I loved using this medium because it melds everything together and creates a stone-like look. I was inspired to keep a natural look and color to materials.





Caroline Catherine Booth was born and raised in Palm Harbor, Florida. She always knew she was a little “different” and was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age. She enjoyed art and is creative and thinks outside the box. Once she was introduced to soccer, however, it became her main focus. That love led her to become a great soccer player, as a college athlete and captain. While she was told all her life that she could never make it – high school graduation was never going to happen and attending college was not an option – proving people wrong is something she enjoys doing. After a number of college injuries, Caroline was forced to quit playing the game she loves. She returned to art, which gives her the thrill and excitement she once got from soccer. Caroline says, “Art saved my life!”

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