Spring senior show: Paige Crews

In the Spring 2017 semester, Goodwyn Gallery hosts two Department of Fine Arts senior exhibitions. The second, “Who Am I?,” showcases large, figurative metal sculptures by Paige Crews. The exhibition is up from May 1st through May 6th.


As Crews explains in her artist statement:

“My artwork was designed to play with the viewer’s perception.  I purposely left these figures ambiguous, but with enough movement and character to demand the question, who are they?  Each piece has its own unique body language, which, by design, allows viewers to single out each piece and give it a unique soul with an individual tale to be told. I want each viewer to create their own story.  Who are they, how did they get into this condition, how do they relate to each other, and, lastly, what lies in their future?

I employed guidelines used in animated character design to give each figure its own distinctive silhouette; to make sure that each piece had a face, body, and pose that was unique unto itself. I drew inspiration for the poses and bodies from the pieces of interesting scrap metal I found, and over the course of its creation the design would evolve into a fully realized character. While the individualism of each piece is important, I took care to avoid giving any of them a set identity that would take away from the viewer’s subjective interpretation.”


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