Spring senior show: Laura Parker

In the Spring 2017 semester, Goodwyn Gallery hosts two Department of Fine Arts senior exhibitions. The first, “Individual Imperfections,” showcases painted portraits by Laura Parker (formerly Perry). The exhibition is up from April 24th through April 28th.


As Parker explains in her artist statement: “The first thing I notice about a person is their face. I find the slight variations in skin tone, hair texture, and facial features, along with their ‘imperfections’ to be a beautiful tapestry of individualism. When I was young, that interest was purely about physical appearances, but as I grew that interest shifted towards the genetics of a family tree and the ‘imperfections’ that told a story about the one who bore them. In this exhibition, it is my goal to showcase work that represents the person as a whole. In order to better achieve this, I have produced work from photographs of my friends and family exclusively.

For these portraits, I utilized the dramatic and atmospheric styles of the high Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods. The Baroque period influenced my works in ball-point pen, in which I played with the way contrasting light and shadow can change and dramatize the appearance of an individual’s face. The works in India Ink and Oil are influenced by the soft, representational, and fleshy style of the high Italian Renaissance. However, while both high Italian Renaissance and Baroque art idealized their subjects, I have chosen to depict my subjects as they are and celebrate their ‘imperfections.'”


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