Exploding the Canon: An Exhibition of Works by Women Artists

During the Spring 2017 semester, students in VISU 3070 / 6070: Women and the Arts organized a special exhibition “Exploding the Canon: An Exhibition of Works by Women Artists.” The exhibition will be on view in Goodwyn Gallery from Monday, April 3 through Monday, April 10.


Organized by Dr. Laura Whatley, it features 10 works of art by women artists from Auburn University Montgomery’s Fine Art Department collection as well as original reactionary works by 10 students from a range of disciplines at AUM: Courtney Baker, Chloe Brown, Rachel Davis, Chelsey Falcione, Adrienne Hames, Laura Parker (Perry), Brittany Roberson, Keri Tankersley, Julie Valdez, and Ashley Warren.


The students produced educational materials to enrich the audience’s visit, including a catalogue with information about the featured women artists and individual artist statements offering insights into their own creative works. The goal of this exhibition: to explode the canon of art history!


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