“Atmosphere,” by Cason McDermott

From January 11-20th, Goodwyn Gallery will be filled with a sculptural installation entitled “Atmosphere,” by AUM Fine Arts student Cason McDermott. Inspired by clouds, the romantic writings of Percy Bysshe Shelley, and themes of life, death, and rebirth, Cason’s installation creates atmospheric blooms of cloud-like forms using white balloons and LED lights.


“Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb, I arise and unbuild it again.” Percy Bysshe Shelley, “The Cloud” (83-84)

McDermott writes in her artist statement:

Clouds are a metaphor for life, death, and rebirth. They are also a visual representation of dreams. “Atmosphere,” started out as a project for my three-dimensional design class. We were presented with the challenge to create a common object out of a different texture.  For mine, I recreated clouds from balloons and LED lights.  The design is simple with a monochromatic design of clustered balloons and lights that give a hopeful and calm tone to the piece.  The size of it is meant to overwhelm and create a new ambiance to the environment.

The tone of the piece ties into the concept. As an artist, I am interested in the topics of grief and hope.  I am drawn to these topics by my own experiences.  The balloons symbolize broken dreams and hopes taking on a new life.  In this piece, I wanted to give you, the viewer, a chance to sit with the things that have caused you grief and let them come alive one more time.  All the things that you have lost in life, in this space, at this moment, are still yours.


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