Winter senior show: Benjamin-Dieter Koch


In winter 2016, the Department of Fine Arts graduates two senior photography majors: Trevette Brown and Benjamin-Dieter Koch. Both students installed their senior shows in Goodwyn Gallery between November-December. Benjamin-Dieter Koch’s senior show, Almost Human, is up through next week. His photographs highlight the seemingly mundane subject of food. Further examination, however, reveals that not all is what it seems, as the subjects of his images attempt to reconstruct familiar foods that have been cut, peeled, or used. His images leave the viewer with a lingering sense of unease and regret. Please stop by the gallery and visit the exhibition!


Benjamin-Dieter Koch: Artist Statement

On the surface, the images reveal everyday foods ordinarily found in home pantries and cupboards. Through deconstruction and the attempted repair of these items the focus is then shifted to the futility of piecing back together these familiar household ingredients. One cannot help but be overcome by a sense of regret. This feeling is trivial and counter-productive to everyday life.

Humans are the sum of experiences. To regret a moment of one’s past is to reject a part of what constitutes identity. When a person feels remorse, such negative emotions create a sense of detachment from an individual’s essence and, as a result, one is left empty, feeling less-than-human and disconnected from reality.

Almost Human examines the concept of regret.


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