Winter senior show: Trevette Brown


In winter 2016, the Department of Fine Arts will graduate two senior photography majors: Trevette Brown and Benjamin-Dieter Koch. Both students will install their senior shows in Goodwyn Gallery between November-December. Trevette Brown’s senior show, Simply Fiction, is up through next week. Trevette’s surrealistic tableaux  juxtapose faceless figures and eerie landscapes or interiors in order to create unusual, other-worldly narratives. Please stop by the gallery and visit the exhibition!


Trevette Brown: Artist Statement

Ever since I was a child, I have been intrigued by horror. Monsters, killers, and ghouls were more fascinating rather than scary. I believe most people have an innate sense to explore the morbid side of the world because we are naturally curious creatures, and while the dark side is considered taboo – it is incredibly compelling.

My photographic series, Simply Fiction, is an ode to the H.P Lovecraft mythos. Lovecraft, a well-­known horror writer, mixes fantasy and reality to create unique stories that leave the reader wondering about the unknowns of the universe. Each photo represents a fraction of a second within a story. It is the viewer who ultimately decides the makeup of the narrative.


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