Between the Lines: Making Sense of Abstraction

The AUM Fine Arts Department is pleased to announce our summer exhibition “Between the Lines: Making Sense of Abstraction,” in Goodwyn Gallery. The exhibit will be up from May 11-August 15th. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, May 14th, 12-1 pm. 

2016-05-12 12.51.23.jpg

 The exhibition features abstract prints from the Fine Arts Department collection, including works by Italian, Dutch, American, Japanese, Spanish, and Greek modernist artists. Each printmaker uses the language of abstraction to express a particular artistic vision. From minimalist compositions that explore color theory, to optical art, or the simplified arrangement of forms, this exhibit teases out the many meanings of abstraction globally from 1967-77.

2016-05-12 12.50.21.jpg

“Between the Lines” was curated by Amanda Tucker, Becky Teague, and Louisa Weinrib, AUM students enrolled in Dr. Slipp’s spring 2016 Museum Studies course.

There is a handout when visitors enter the gallery that explains a few of the modernist abstraction movements represented. Visitors are invited to try to connect the movements with the artworks, as they explore the different examples of abstraction on view.   

2016-05-12 12.50.54.jpg

The students also designed fun, kid-friendly interactives for the installation, along with a social media feature. The first interactive is a framed magnet board with shapes and forms where visitors can make their own abstract compositions. The other interactives are two block stations where visitors can create abstract sculptures in three dimensions. Check out #goodwyngalleryaum on Instagram to view visitors’ creative abstract sculptures and magnetic compositions!

2016-05-12 12.52.14.jpg




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