Senior Exhibitions @ Goodwyn Gallery

In Spring 2016 Goodwyn Gallery, located on AUM’s campus, hosted two student exhibitions highlighting the work of graduating Fine Arts Department seniors.

Seth Scarborough’s senior exhibition, Layers of Self, was up from April 11-20, 2016.


Scarborough’s double-exposure cyanotypes present portraits of important figures in the artist’s life, superimposed over the palms of their hands. His artist statement says:

For my photographic series, Layers of Self, I set out to examine the very fabric of what makes me an individual. I am 23 years old from Columbus, Georgia. I grew up in southern Alabama before moving with my family to Lake Martin, where I currently reside. I am a photography major at Auburn University Montgomery in my senior year. These cyanotype portraits are of the people who have made my life more enjoyable and those who have helped me the most. These are persons who have had a profound impact on me, each in their own way, and who have helped me through the madness and noise of college.  

The prints I have created are a result of two thought processes. First, my sister Elizabeth was a criminal justice major and studied how to identify criminals through their identification features, such as a person’s face and fingerprints. Second, I thought the cyanotype process was the most suitable way to present the individuals who have touched my life. I chose the cyanotype process for two reasons. One, because of its hands-on approach to the photographic medium and the time it takes to carefully make each print from measuring and mixing chemicals to the extended exposure time. Second, because each print is never the same, each has something different about it. Much like the people in my life, each print is just as different as they are. Sir John Herschel first discovered the cyanotype in 1842 and it was used for a long time to make blueprints for various types of design plans. In essence, these prints showcase the people who helped construct my blueprint.

Kaylee Hobbs’s senior exhibition, Sewn Pieces: A Visual Narrative on Addiction, ran from  April 25-May 6, 2016.


Hobbs’s fabric cyanotype collages hung like banners from the ceiling of the gallery and together explored a personal narrative regarding the power of addiction and the bonds and meaning of family.




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